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What does the word Olympic mean

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How did badminton originate

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How are snow mounds removed at South Pole

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Q: What is the significance of the torch?
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What is the significance of the torch on the back of the dime?

The three symbols on the back of a Roosevelt Dime all have special significance. The torch represents Freedom, the oak branch represents Strength, and the olive branch represents Peace.

When and where is the Olympic torch now and what is the significance of the flame?

at my house today

What were operation torch and operation overlord and what was their significance?

operation overlord was the taking over of the beaches of Normandy on D-Day

What is the significance of the torch relay?

The significance of having an Olympic torch relay is because of many reasons from the joy of seeing it pass down your local high street, to showing that the world is united with this flame. Firstly, as this flame has been kept going since the first olympic games in Olympia, it proves that our world is caring and all the continents are united as they are on the Olympic logo with the rings joined together. Secondly, people are constantly at this minute passing on the Olympic flame, which is in Carshalton (near where I live I saw the Olympic torch today :o) which represents one of the sports in the games

Does a blackberry torch have a torch?

No because I have a bb torch

What is the job of switch in a torch?

the switch in a torch allows the circuit in the torch to be completed

How does the switch in a torch work?

when you switch on the torch you will see that the torch has light

What is another word for flashlight?

Torch (hand torch, electric torch)

What happens when a torch is switched on?

The currents flow through the torch and we get light from the torch

What is the job of a switch in a torch?

the switch in a torch allows the circuit in the torch to be completed

What is the significance of beowulfs last fight with the dragon?

The significance of Beowulf's last fight with the dragon was that he knew of is impending death. He kills the dragon and realized the bite he received in battle is also fatal. He passes the torch of his warrior legacy to Wiglaf. The knowledge of the existence of the treasure to be passed on to his people also eases his passage to the other world.

What is the plural for torch?


What is an alcohol torch?

An alcohol torch is a stove/torch that uses a fuel from the alcohol family.

What is another name for TORCH test?

The TORCH test, is sometimes called the TORCH panel

Can you melt gold with a torch?

If your torch reaches 1064C you can, but if the torch can't get that hot then you cannot.

What is a torch cell?

in the middle of an torch

What is the job of the cells in a torch?

What is the type of the combination of cells in a torch?

Is it amazing to hold an Olympic torch?

Yes, it is amazing to hold the Olympic torch because you are not just holding a torch you are holding a torch that has been in the Olympics for 112 years

A sentence with the word torch?

The illegal act of arson is colloquially referred to as a 'torch job'. Pass me that Olympic torch, please.

Who gets to keep olympic torch?

Every torch-bearer in the relay is allowed to keep their individual torch.

Who ran the torch relay in 1936?

a torch relay is when you are at the Olympics and the put a torch on fire its so cool!!

What is the plural of torch?

the plural of torch is torches

What does the bulb do in the torch?

It provides the light in the torch

What material can a be torch made out of?

a torch can be made from wood and plastic

What was unique about the torch relay for the1952 games in Norway?

There were no runners carrying the torch ... all carriers of the torch were on skis.