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1 and a half minutes

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Q: What is the shortest super bowl commercial?
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What cost more a commercial for Super Bowl or Olympics?

super bowl

What will be the first commercial after the Super Bowl 2011 kickoff?

Bud Light Commercial:]

How much did a commercial cost during Super Bowl XXXV?

A 30 second commercial in Super Bowl XXXV cost $2.1 million.

What was the first Super Bowl commercial?


Who have the most commercial on the super bowl?


Where might one go to view the Tecmo Super Bowl commercial?

The Tecmo Super Bowl can be viewed on various websites over the internet. The best place to watch the Tecmo Super Bowl commercial would be on YouTube.

How much will it cost for a commercial in 2011 super bowl?

A 30-second commercial aired in Super Bowl XLV will cost $3 million (in U.S. dollars).

How much money did doritos spend on Super Bowl commercials?

Every commercial cost 3,500,000 on the super bowl

How long are commercial for the Super Bowl?

30 seconds.

What is the shortest amount of time it took a coach to get to and win a Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLII, Don McCafferty of the Baltimore Colts (Super Bowl V) and George Seifert of the San Francisco 49ers (Super Bowl XXIV) won the Super Bowl in their first season as a head coach.

How much does a commercial cost in Super Bowl XLV?

A 30-second ad in Super Bowl XLV (2011) on CBS costs between $2.5 million and $2.8 million. The record cost for a Super Bowl commercial was during the 2010 Super Bowl on NBC, when ads averaged $3 million a piece.

What will be the first commercial after kickoff Super Bowl 2010?

Most likely a Budweiser commercial.