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my club had a k2 a while abo

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Q: What is the shortest jump in ski jumping?
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Do ladies ski jump in the Olympics?

No. Only men compete in Olympic ski jumping.

What equipment is needed to ski jump?

bindings,boots,connection cord,ski jumping suit and jumping skiis I think that's it

What is Norways longest ski jumping hill?

Vikersund, which has the record for world's longest jump.

What are some fun facts about the sport ski jumping?

I think they have a ramp, and they push off. Then they spin or something. I've never really followed ski jumping.

How far from a boat does a jet ski have to be when jumping a wake?

you really shouldnt jump a wake from a boat

When was Canada's first ski jump medal?

Through the 2006 Games in Turin, Canada has never won a medal in Olympic ski jumping.

Where did the Ski Jumping begin?

Ski Jumping began in Norway in the 1860s.

When did Norway ski jumping begin?

Ski jumping started in the 1860s.

How do you do ski jumping?

You can train by practicing the small jumps then go from there.

Why did they disband ski jumping from the Olympics?

Ski jumping has never been disbanded from the Olympics.

Where does ski jumping happened the most?

Ski jumping happens the most in races and skiing lessons

When was Sven Eriksson - ski jumping - born?

Sven Eriksson - ski jumping - was born in 1907.