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I've been following football for a long time and I've never heard of a short-end. I think you either made that up or misheard the term tight-end or split-end. A tight-end is usually a bigger, more physical type player who lines up close up to the tackle and does a little more run blocking and pass protection in addition to pass catching duties. A split-end is usually a faster, smaller type player who lines up a few steps to the outside of the tackle. Of course you may be referring to a strong-side vs weak-side player but that gets a little complicated. In that case, that player is actually a half-back because he will be lined up a step behind the line of scrimmage instead of on it.

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contain right side of feild laterally all the way to the sideline on defense


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the position s is the safety

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Q: What is the short-end position in football?
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