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Q: What is the shirt number of umar akmal?
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When was Umar Akmal born?

Umar Akmal was born in 1990.

How many brothers does kamran akmal has?

Umar Akmal

What is age of Umar Akmal?


Why the umar akmal cant married?

He is married

Where do you get that green thing that umar akmal has on his lips?

from the shop

How many brothers e sisters of umar akmal?

6 brothers

What are the recent players of Pakistani criket team?

shahid afridi salman buy M. Aamir Ajmal kamran Akmal Umar Akmal Abdul razzaq Umar Gul these are recent players of Pakistani cricket team.

What is the birth name of Akmal?

Akmal's birth name is Akmal Khan.

What actors and actresses appeared in Akmal Live and Uncensored - 2008?

The cast of Akmal Live and Uncensored - 2008 includes: Akmal Saleh as Akmal

What is the birth name of Nicky Arezu Akmal?

Nicky Arezu Akmal's birth name is Arezu Maryam Akmal.

When was Akmal Saleh born?

Akmal Saleh was born in 1964.

When did Akmal Khan die?

Akmal Khan died in 1967.