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the shape of an outfield in Baseball is a half diamond.

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Q: What is the shape of the outfield?
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Related questions

What is the distance of the outfield in baseball?

The size and shape of the outfield varies from ballpark to ballpark.

What is he shape of a baseball field?

The infield is shaped like a diamond, while the outfield is usually a semi-circle but sometimes stadiums change that to whatever they want.

What part of speech is outfield?

Outfield is a noun.

When was The Outfield created?

The Outfield was created in 1984.

How would you use outfield in a sentence?

i caught the baseball in the outfield.

What is a good sentence for outfield?

He hit the ball in the outfield in the championship game

What is the synonym of outfield?

Sorry, the online Thesaurus indicates that "outfield" has no synonym.

What is an alliteration using the word outfield?

Oscar outrageously outdid Oswald in the Outfield

How many people play outfield in baseball?

3 people play outfield.

What is a sentence using the word outfield?

In the baseball game, the boy played outfield.

When was The Outfield Live created?

The Outfield Live was created on 2005-12-27.

How does a baseball field looks like?

A baseball field looks like a diamond. There is the infield and there is the outfield that make up the look of a diamond. If you have ever been in an air plane and went over a baseball field you can see that it has a diamond shape.

How can you rewrite ''the batter hits the ball into the outfield.'' into to an imperative?

Batter hit the ball into the outfield.

How do you use the word outfield in a sentence?

your position is outfield with the others! GO GO GO

What is an outfield in softball?

The outfield is the grass area, outside the infield (which is the dirt area & where the bases are). There are three players who play in the outfield: left field, right field, and center field.

Who was angel of the outfield?

in the movie angles in the outfield Christopher Lloyd plays the angle

Who sings I don't want to lose your love tonight?

The Outfield. I think. I am pretty sure it is The Outfield.

When was the music video for the song Your Love by Outfield released?

The music video for the song Your Love by Outfield was released on October 25th, 2009. You can find the music video on Youtube titled as "The Outfield - Your Love".

What does centerfield in baseball do?

Centerfield is just the are in the center of the outfield. the centerfielder controls the whole outfield and makes plays.

When was Any Time Now - The Outfield album - created?

Any Time Now - The Outfield album - was created in 2002.

Which player is not part of the outfield?

6 players while on the baseball field do not belong to the outfield, this is excluding the batter. The 6 that are not part of the outfield are: pitcher, catcher, 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, short stop, and 3rd baseman.

How many bases for a over throw from the outfield?

If there is an overthrow from the outfield the runner keeps going until he/she is out or until the pitcher has the ball.

What outfield was duffy's cliff name after?

It's the left outfield in fenway park named after redsox outfielder Duffy Lewis

Who is a person playing defense especially in the outfield?

The outfield defensive positions are Left Field, Center Field, and Right Field.

How tall is the outfield fence in fastpitch softball?

The height of an outfield fence in fastpitch softball is generally between 4 and 8 feet.