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Rectangular with rounded corners. Olympic ice is 200 x 100 while a hockey rink is 200 x 85. Most figure skaters make do practicing and competing on regulation size hockey rinks as it is more cost efficient to have a rink that can cater to both hockey and figure skaters. When a figure skater trains for the Olympics they usually go to a training center that is designed specifically for that purpose.

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2011-09-15 10:25:24
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Q: What is the shape of a Olympic ice rink?
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Is there an ice skating rink in sydney?

There are a few; the Canterbury Olympic park, Sydney Ice Arena, and Macquarie Ice Rink.

How big is a minor hockey ice rink?

All ice hockey rink dimensions are the same incept for NHL size and Olympic size. NHL- 85 by 200 feet. Olympic- 100 by 200 feet.

What are some winter olympic words that start with the letter Z?

Zetra Ice Rink Zetra Olympic Hall

What Olympic hockey rink was built on a mountain?

Peaks Ice Arena, Utah for the 2006 Olympics.

Is it an ice rink or an ice field in ice hockey?

Ice rink.

Is an Olympic Ice hockey rink the same same as a US national rink?

NHL regulation or most US rinks are 85 ft wide and 200 ft long An Olympic rink is 100 ft wide and 200 ft long

How do you get on to the ice rink on Club Penguin?

Not all the time will the ice rink be there. In winter, it will be the soccer stadium, and in the summer, it will be the ice rink. But the way you get on the rink you ask? Just click on it and you will be on the ice rink.

Why is an ice rink called an ice rink?

Because its ice frozen into a pond and thus, it's called an ice rink

Which American colleges have Olympic-sized ice hockey rinks?

Alaska, Alaska-Anchorage, Colorado College, Minnesota, Minnesota State-Mankato, New Hampshire, Northern Michigan, and St. Cloud State. Wisconsin is almost Olympic sized at 200x97 (normal Olympic is 200x100) St. Cloud State University has an Olympic-sized ice rink, both for their main competition rink and the practice rink, the only one of these schools to have 2 Olympic size rinks on their campus.

What is the measurement of ice hockey court?

It's a rink not a court, and it's 200 ft. x 85 ft.the Olympic Size rink is 200' x 100'

What size is the Vancouver Olympic Figure Skating Rink?

All Olympic size ice rinks are 30m x 61m, or 98ft x 200ft.

Where can you play ice hockey?

you can play ice hocky on an ice rink or at a rink place.

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