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Q: What is the sexual orientation of Waqar Younis?
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What is Waqar Younis's birthday?

Waqar Younis was born on November 16, 1971.

When was Waqar Younis born?

Waqar Younis was born on November 16, 1971.

How old is Waqar Younis?

Waqar Younis is 39 years old (birthdate: November 16, 1971).

Where does Waqar Younis come from?


What is the birth name of Waqar Younus?

Waqar Younus's birth name is Waqar Younis Maitla.

Who invented banana swing?

Waqar Younis

Which cricketer had his debut with Sachin tendulkar?

Waqar Younis

Where is waqar younis wife?

at her home and what the u want from her

Who is the bowling coach of Sunrisers Hyderabad?

Waqar Younis

Manager of Pakistan cricket team 2010?

Waqar Younis.

What was the number on T shirt wore by waqar younis?


Who was the captain of Pakistan's cricket team in 2003?

Waqar Younis

What is waqar younis email address?

Waqar Younis is a very elegant cricketer of Pakistan. He has made immense contribution to his team. His email address weather on Gmail or Yahoo is not available.

Who was the youngest bowler to take 50 test wickets?

waqar younis

What is Waqar Younis famous for?

Waqar Younis is a Pakistani fast bowler in cricket. Some people say he is one of the greatest fast bowlers of all time. He holds a record because he is young.

How many wickets does waqar younis takes in odi?

502 in odi cricket...

What was the fastest bowl by waqar younis?

350 miles per hour. Got it!

Who has been the best swing bowler in the world?

Wasim Akram and waqar younis

How many ODI matches did Waqar Younis play?

Waqar Younis played 262 One Day International matches between 1989-90 and 2002-03, scoring 969 runs, and taking 416 wickets.

Which Pakistani fast bowler made his debut in the same test as sachin?

it was waqar younis

Which Pakistani bowler made his debut in Test Cricket with Sachin Tendulkar?

Waqar Younis

Who took the fastest 400 wickets in ODI cricket?

Waqar Younis in 252 ODI's.

Which pak fast bowler made his debut alongwith sachin tendulkar?

Waqar Younis

Who took sachin's wicket for the first time?

In Test Cricket it was Waqar Younis bowled for 15.

Who is Usain Bolt's role model?

Waqar Younis; due to his fast bowling and Usain's interest in Cricket