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The Badminton court is split into 8 areas on each side of the court, 4 along the back and 4 closer to the net.

The 2 sections in the middle closest to the net are the service areas.

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Q: What is the service box in a badminton single game?
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go to youtube and type" fast badminton" in the query box. search for the best videos. U will get the answer

Where do you serve from in singles if you have scored an odd number of points in badminton?

odd scores,you must serve on the left service box diagonally going to the left court of your opponent.

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Can you explain how the order of serving works in a doubles match in badminton?

1. Starting at the toss, the sidethat chooses to serve, names the 1st server. The side the chooses to receive, name the 1st receiver. Both these players begin in the right service box the score being 0-0 (Love all).2. If the serving side wins the rally, (1-love), the server moves to the left box and continue the service. If the serving side wins again (2-love), the server moves to the right box and continues the service. This continues until the serving side loses the rally. If the score is an even number, the service will always come from the right service box. If the score is an odd number, the service will always be delivered from the left service box.3. When the receiving side wins the rally (service over, 1-2), service is given to the player in the LEFT service box.4. Note that the players only change boxes on the service side.5. The pattern of service always follow the same sequence. A (server) B(teamate) X(teamate) Y receiver. The service pattern will always be A, Y, B, X, A, Y, B, X. If you are a player, you will always follow and be followed by the same player in the same order throughout the game. (servers/receives can be changed in game 2 and game 3 - so the order may be different if the order picked is different).

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The service line is the line that borders the service box and is parallel to the net.

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How long is the service box of a tennis court?

The service line is 21 feet (6.40 meters) from the net. The service box is 13.5 feet (4.115 meters) wide.

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How do you know where to serve from and to in a badminton game?

if the server has an even number of points they should serve from the right box across the net into the left. if the server has an odd number of points they should serve from left to right, in both singles and doubles.

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