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Through the 2010 season, Western Michigan leads the all time series 43-37-2.

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Q: What is the series record between Central Michigan University and Western Michigan University in football?
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When will Central Michigan University play football against Western Michigan University in 2010?

Yes, they are rivals and play every year.

What Division one colleges are in Michigan?

The division one colleges in Michigan are, with the commonly known name of the school in parenthesis:University of Michigan (Michigan)Michigan State University (Michigan State)Central Michigan University (Central Michigan)Eastern Michigan University (Eastern Michigan)Western Michigan University (Western Michigan)

Does Western Michigan university sell alcohol at their football games?

No they do not.

The last time Central Michigan beat Western Michigan in Football?

Prior to the 2008 season, that was November 6, 2007 when Central Michigan defeated Western Michigan 34-31.

What are the division 1 college football teams in Michigan?

Division I has two subdivisions for football. In Michigan, there are no Division I-FCS programs. There are two Division I programs that do not sponsor football teams (Oakland University and the University of Detroit Mercy) There are five Division I-FBS programs. Michigan (Big Ten) Michigan State (Big Ten) Western Michigan (MAC) Eastern Michigan (MAC) Central Michigan (MAC)

When was Western Michigan University created?

Western Michigan University was created in 1903.

When was Western Michigan Broncos football created?

Western Michigan Broncos football was created in 1906.

When was University Arena - Western Michigan University - created?

University Arena - Western Michigan University - was created in 1957.

Where can I get a religion degree?

You can get a bachelor degree in religion at the Central Michigan University. It is located in Mount Pleasant. The Western Michigan University offers degrees in religion also.

What is the motto of Western Michigan University?

The motto of Western Michigan University is 'Grab The Reins'.

Who won last year's Western VS Central game?

If you are talking about Western Michigan vs Central Michigan, Central Michigan won the 2009 match-up 38-23 at Western Michigan.

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