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Q: What is the secret to the mist that is spit out by The Great Muta?
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How does the Great Muta spit the green mist?

in the opponents eyes

How do you spit Asian mist?

Raw is red.....Smackdown is blue! As simple as that !

How do you make asian mist?

They put a bag of liquid in their mouth, then bite it so it breaks and spit. Usually it is handed to them by the referee.

What insect's larvae secret blobs of froth called cuckoo spit?

The insect is called the froghopper. During the nymph stage, the froghopper manufacturers and secretes a frothy sap that looks like spit that is often referred to as cuckoo spit.

What is the secret of the archer fish?

a archer fish can spit water out of its mouth and catch and eat bugs that way.

What is kappa alpha psi secret handshake?

The secret handshake spit in your right hand...then slap yourself really hard. Then spit in your left hand, then slap the heck out of your momma really hard. Then you say the secret phase, "I'm a stupid idiot". Now your made...go try it out on every member of Kappa Alpha Psi that you know.

How does Triple H and other wrestlers like Muta and Tajiri make their spit-water spray out into a mist?

Its not that hard, I can do itAnswerto the above post- If the water spitting isn't hard at all then explain how its done. Explain also how the wrestlers can open their mouths during the match, never once going under the ring to get water and manage to spray a whole mouthful of colored kool aid mist..... Answerusually when tajiri is knocked down the ref places the water mixture bag into tajiris mouth. AnswerIts Very Easy To Do You Just Have to Tighten Your Lips And Burst The Water OutWith Very Much Energy. That's The Way I DId It. It Looks A Whole Lot Lke Real Mist. U Gotta Practice IT.

On the first page of a newsletter what does it consist of the information above the multiple columns?

let me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on you

Does Justin bieber like girls who spit?

Justin bieber probably does not care as long as you have a great personality very nice has a pretty smile and as long a you don't spit in front of him

Why is spit called spit?

The correct term for spit is "saliva". people call it spit because of the action of spitting.

Do llamas sneeze or spit?

They spit

Do salamanders spit?

no they do not spit poison

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