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...about 10:49 seconds, set in 1988...

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Q: What is the seconds for the fastest 100m record for female?
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What is the 100m world record?

Usain Bolt has the record with 9.58 seconds. Florence Griffith-Joyner has the female world record with 10.49 seconds.

Who was the Fastest female in the 1996 Olympics?

Gail Devers of the USA ran the 100m in 10.94 seconds

Who holds the second fastest female 100m time?

Florence Griffiths-Joyner has the top three fastest times. Carmelita Jeter has the 4th fastest at 10.64 seconds.

Who was the fastest female sprinter at the 2012 Olympics?

The fastest female sprinter at the 2012 London Olympics was Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce. The Jamaican won the women's 100m gold in 10.75 seconds. The 2nd place was just 0.03 seconds behind her.

Who is the fastest Chinese sprinter?

<p>Chen Jiaquan - runs 10 seconds sharp in 100m dash with hand-held stopwatch in October 1965, a time on par with the world record of that time<p> <p>Su Bingtian - the current fastest Chinese holding a record of 10.16 in 100m<p>

What is the fastest time for a 100m?

Florence Griffith-Joyner holds the women's world record in the 100 meter dash at 10.49 seconds set in 1988.

Who is the second fastest women in 100m dash in track an field?

At 10.64 seconds, Carmeleta Jeter is the second-fastest woman in history in the 100m dash.

What is the faster time for 100m swimming?

the fastest time is 35.67 seconds.

What Usain Bolt's 100m record?

9.58 seconds

What is the fastest Usain Bolt ever ran?

9.58 seconds for the 100m 19.19 seconds 200m and 4x100m 36.84 seconds

What is the world record for the women's 100m breaststroke?

Kristy Coventry from Zimbabwe rewrote the world record for the women's 100m breastroke, and the record is 58.77 seconds.

What is the fastest speed reached on a man powered scooter?

100m in 11.57 seconds