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As of October 15, 2007 the highest scoring overtime game was between Nevada and Boise State played October 14, 2007. The game went four overtimes before Boise State prevailed 69-67.

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Boise St. vs. Nevada 69-67

136 points combined

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Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State Nov. 28,2008 61-41=102 Oregon 65, Oregon State 38 Nov. 30, 2008 - 103 points Florida Atlantic 57, Florida International 50 - 107 points

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Q: What is the second highest scoring college football game?
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The second highest college football score was 127 total points scored, Akron (65) vs. E. Michigan (62). Three OT's. 24 November 2001. ------------------------------------- Actually the second highest scoring collegiate football game is still the highest Div IA scoring game. This game was played on October 2, 2004 between San Jose State and Rice. The score was 70 - 63 with no overtimes!

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