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The capacity of Estadio Azteca in Mexico is 105,000 people.

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Q: What is the seating capacity of Estadio Azteca?
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What major events take place at the Estadio Azteca?

The Estadio Azteca is a stadium located in Mexico City, Mexico. Many major events have been hosted at the Estadio Azteca such as the Olympic Games in 1968 and a number of FIFA World Cups. The Estadio Azteca also hosts concerts and has featured concerts from such famous musicians as U2, Michael Jackson, and Paul McCartney.

Cost for estadio azteca?

£6 billion

How big is the estadio azteca?

It is 1 inche

How many times has Mexico lost in the Estadio Azteca?

Never they own

What is the name of the stadium soccer players play soccer in Mexico?

Estadio Azteca

Who owns estadio azteca?

club America and la federacion de Mexico

What is the largest stadium in South America?

Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, Mexico - 105,000

What is the capacity of Estadio Centenario?

The capacity of Estadio Centenario at Montevideo in Uruguay is 65,235.

What is the capacity of Estadio Mestalla?

The capacity of Estadio Mestalla at Valencia in Spain is 55,000.

What is the capacity of Estadio Jalisco?

The capacity of Estadio Jalisco at Guadalajara in Mexico is 63,200.

Has the US national team ever beat Mexico in estadio azteca?

nope only tied!

What stadium hosted the world cup soccer final year1970?

Estadio Azteca, Mexico city.