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When a batsman hits a ball that lands on or outside of the boundary rope, he and his team receive 6 runs. If the ball lands in the field then touches or goes outside of the boundary rope, the batsman and his team receive 4 runs. If "no ball" or "wide" is ruled against a bowler's delivery, or if byes of leg byes are given, the teams score increases by one run (however, no batsman is credited). For technical violations (such as a ball striking a helmet left on the field by a fielding team), 5 penalty runs may be credited to the batting OR Bowling team (depending on who committed the violation). Apart from these, the most common way to score in cricket is to, after the ball has been delivered, hit by the batsman or not, run from the batsman's popping crease and touch his bat on or inside the non-striker's popping crease. This can be done numerous times a ball, with 2 and 3 run balls common in cricket.

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Q: What is the scoring system in cricket?
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