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There is no "game billiards carom" but the question is presumed to refer to English Billiards, or 3 Pocket.

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Q: What is the scoring of the game billiards carom?
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What is a billiards bounce called?


Which ball carries the maximum points in billiards?

The balls are all equal from a points perspective in English Billiards, Carom Billiards, and Pocket Billiards.

Why are there no pockets on the pool table on the beat it video?

Pocket billiards ("pool") tables have pockets. Carom billiards tables do not. Apparently the table in the video is a carom billiards table. Whether this was a specific choice or whether it just happened to be handy I don't know.

Can I see a list of billiard rules specifically rules related to the break?

Billiards covers English Billiards, Carom Billiards, and Pocket Billiards, and each has their own set of rules.

What sport uses the slang word Carom?

This is typically a billiards term meaning, "a shot in billiards in which the cue ball strikes each of two object ball".

How many colored balls are there in a billiards game?

The question is somewhat confusing so Billiards can refer to English Billiards, Carom Billiards, or Pocket Billiards.English Billiards and Three Pocket (a Carom Billiards game)is played with 3 balls, 2 cue balls (either both white or one white, one yellow) and a red ball.In Pocket Billiards, there number of balls ranges from 8 to 22 depending upn the game being played. Each requires a cue ball plus - 15 for 8 ball and Straight Pool (also referred to as 14.1 Billiards), 7 for 7 ball, 9 for 9 ball, 10 for 10 ball, 21 for baseball.There are 3 balls in billiards. The object ball, the cue ball and your opponents cue ball.This depends upon the game. In English Billiards there are 3 balls, 1 is colored. In Pocket Billiards games, there are from 7 to 21 colored balls, plus a cue ball.

Is carom and chess proper noun?

No, carom is a common noun; a word for a collision followed by a rebound or a game based on that principle. The noun chess is also a common noun; a word for any game of chess anywhere.A proper noun is the name of a person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Dr. Donald Carom, Windsor ON, Canada and Dr. Cyrus Chess, Norwalk CTCarom Circle, Mason, MI; Carom Way, Dallas, TX; or Chess Street, Pittsburgh, PACarom Cafe Billiards, Flushing, NY and The Chess Cafe, Bloomington, ILInternational Carom Federation and World Chess Federation

Who was the inventor of billiards?

There is no inventor of billiards. The game evolved in Italy and France from the Italian game of trucco. The "father" of the game of billiards as we know it can best be attributed to Francois Mignaud 400 years after billiards was already an indoor game.

What game is similar to billiards?

Snooker is fairly similar to billiards.

How many solid black balls in billiards?

There are none in English Billiards. In Carom Billiards, there are none. In the Pocket Billiards games, the 8 ball is the only black ball - 7 Ball has no 8 ball, hence no black ball, but all other games include the 8 ball, so, they have 1 black ball.

How does mat relate to billiards?

It doesn't. There is no "mat" related to the game of English Billiards or Pocket Billiards.

What is the term of billiards?

Billiards can be a generic term used to catagorize all cue sports. It is also the name of a specific game which is played with only 3 balls and on a table with no pockets. It is also the term used to describe the action of glancing, or carom, off a ball to make contact with another or to pocket a ball.

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