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Well the goal scorer's job is in the name, to score goals for their team

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2016-03-11 19:40:29
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Q: What is the scorer's job in netball?
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What are scorers in netball?

people who keep the score of the game...

What do the scorers do in netball?

Note down the scores of each team during the match.

What is the umpires job in netball?

to control the game

Did casey Williams have a job?

Yes she did as a netball player:)

What is the feeders job in netball?

To feed the ball to a player?!

What are the scorekeepers job in netball?

ryan has foot fetish

What is the official's job during a game of Volleyball?

The line judge's job is to backup the referee. if the ball is in or out and if there is a foot fault (that's my job on the Blizzards. The up refs job is to tell the players when to serve. The down refs job is to tell the up reff when there is a game point, when the scorers are ready to start the game, and what the team captains are. The scorers keep the scores, timeouts, captains, foot faults, fouls and all.

How old do you have to be to be a netball coach?

well i think u have to be 12. my niece is 12 and she is looking in to be a netball coach. she says that u can be 12. well good luck in ur job as a netball coach xxx

How many scorers are there at an NBA game?

I believe there are ten (10) scorers

What is the job for goal keep in netball?

The job is where you jave to defend the opposing side. You can only go in the D and the box, nowhere else.

How do you teach a netball player how to read the play in a game?

You have to tell them what every players job is and what their job is. That makes a game really smooth.

What men's college basketball team has the most 1000 point scorers?

Louisville has 62 career 1000 point scorers, which is the most 1000 point scorers.

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