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Portugal (7) X N. Korea (0)

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Q: What is the score Portugal vs North Korea?
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Who is playing on Tuesday in the fifa 2010 world cup?

New Zealand vs. Slovakia, Ivory Coast vs. Portugal, and Brazil vs. North Korea

What was the score of Portugal vs turkey?

2-0 for Portugal.

Korea vs US who will win in a war?

South Korea vs USA - USA wins North Korea vs USA - Draw?

Who scored for Portugal against Korea?

FIFA World Cup 2010 Portugal vs. North Korea. In the, 29' Paul Meireles 53' Simao 56' Hugo Almeida 60' Tiago 81' Liedson 87' Cristiano Ronaldo 89' Tiago

South Korea vs North Korea - Will it ever end?

maybe someday. ;ㅂ;

Why was the Korean War called the Korean War?

simply because it was north Korea vs. south Korea

What were the countries involved in the Korean war and when and why did they get involved?

South Korea, US vs North Korea, USSR, China

When did the war between Korea and the US take place?

North Korea vs US '50-'53. There is no such nation called Korea.

Who were the combatants for the Korean war?

North Korea/Red China vs US/UN.

Who were the people fighting in the Korean War?

North Korea/Red China vs US/UN.

How much is an unused 1966 World Cup Quarter Final ticket worth that featured Portugal vs. Korea?

approx GBP 10.00 - 20.00

How many goals Cristiano ronaldo scored in world cup?

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 1 goal in the FIFA World Cups. He scored his first world cup goal in the Portugal vs North Korea match in the FIFA World Cup 2010.