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Munday Moguls

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Q: What is the school mascot for Munday Texas High School?
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What is the mascot for Munday High School in Munday Texas?

The Moguls.

Which high school has the unicorn as its mascot?

The High school which toots the Unicorn as its mascot is New Braunfels High School located in New Braunfels Texas. The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham, North Carolina also has the unicorn as its school mascot.

What is the school mascot for University of North Texas?

Scrappy the Eagle

Which high school's have a hippos as the mascot?

the one, and only.. HUTTO HIGH SCHOOL in Hutto, Texas

What is the mascot for Round Rock High School In Round Texas?


What is the mascot for hamilton middle school?

In Cyfair ISD, Texas it's a tiger.

What Texas College has the school colores green and yellow and their mascot is a Bear?

Baylor University

What are the lytle pirates?

the lytle pirates is the mascot of lytle in texas. its a really proud little school.

Is there a school with the zebra as a mascot?

There is at least one. Lincoln High School in Lincoln, California is home to the Zebras. I graduated in 1970 and at that point we were told there was one other high school in the US with the zebra as mascot. I've heard now there may be one in Arkansas, Texas and Mississippi, but no confirmation.

Is Texas school of business renowned?

According to the reviews on this website,, the Texas School of Business is not a renowned school.

How many school districts are in texas?

There is only one school district in Texas, the Texas Unified School District; it serves the entire state.

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Texas High School was created in 1889.