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I am very upset by the "postponement" of the Arena football league for this season. I'd like to know where the problems were and how the reorganizing structure is will change the game.

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Q: What is the salary of arena football head coaches?
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How many head football coaches has Alabama had?


What is the salary of an NFL head coach?

Depending on who you are. Super Bowl coaches get more than 0-16 coaches

What is the starting salary for NFL Head Coaches?

40.5million for a 5 year deal

What is the average Salary for arena football coaches?

As of Jan 2007, $28,000 is the rookie league minimum. With that being said, the average AFL salary is approximately $85,000. This is much lees than the average NFL player and comparable to the NFL's rookie league minimum.

How many coaches are in the national football league?

There are 32 head coaches (one for every team) and a lot of assistants.

How many head coaches had the geogia bulldogs football team had?


List ofUniversity of South Carolina head football coaches?

Steve Spurrier

Who coaches the Penn State football team?

Joe Paterno is the head coach of the Penn State football team.

What NCAA football team has the fewest head coaches in team history?

that would be Alabama

Who is the head coach of the association football team VFL Wolfsburg?

The head coach of the VFL Wolfsburg football team is Felix Magath. The assistant coaches are Bernd Hollerback and Andries Jonker. The fitness coaches are Werner Leuthard and Alessandro Schoenmaker.

What is the average salary of a college football coach?

It really depends on the team and how they perform under the coach. Chris Peterson Head Coach of the Boise State Broncos makes 1.6 million a year. I would guess that most BCS auto qualifying school coaches make more than this. Coach Pete is probably one of the highest paid outside of auto qualifying schools.

What is the salary of a NCAA division 3 head softball coach?

The salaries of NCAA head softball coaches will vary according to experience and college. They average about $47,000 per year.