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Q: What is the salary of a special assistant coach in the NBA?
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What is nba assistant coach Joe Wolf salary?


What is nba assistant coach Robert pack salary?


What is the average salary for nba assistant coaches?

The average salary for an assistant NBA coach is about $60,610 per year. Some make more or less depending on their experience and the teams budget.

Is there a minimum salary for a NBA coach?


What does an NBA assistant coach make per year?

Assistant coaches in the NBA usually have a salary in the 6 digit range. Kevin O'Neill was once offered $575,000 to be an assistant coach. In 2009, the Sacramento Kings gave its head coach a budget of $500,000 to hire 3 assistant coaches, so evenly broken down each coach would have earned about $166,667

What is the average salary of an nba assistant general manager?

An NBA average salary for a assistant general manager is $8,500,000 per year.

NBA assistant coaches salary?

a lot

How much does an NBA coach and assistant coach make?

Would like to know

What is the salary of an NBA D-league coach?


What is the salary of NBA Coach Jacque Vaughn of the Orlando Magic?

what is the salary of jacque vaughn

NBA strength and conditioning coaching salary?

A strength and conditioning coach in the NBA can expect a salary in the range of 75,000+ dollars a year, that is not including benefits package, per diem for travel.

Is there an assistant coach on a basketball team?

Yes, there are usually several assistant coaches on a basketball team. These coaches can be in charge of offense, defense, shooting, playmaking, and other parts of the game. The Washington team in the NBA has an assistant coach in charge of free throw shooting.

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