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Professional paintball players have no true salary. There are very few pro paintball players that don't need a second job to support themselves. They make most of their money from sponsorships and endorsements. edit: most work for there sponsor's.. and unless your ollie lang you wont make much money playing paintball.

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Q: What is the salary of a pro paintball player?
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What is kendalls favorite sport?

paintball, because in a magazine he said he used to be a pro paintball player, and that it is his favorite sport.

How much can a pro paintball player make in a year?

The average is roughly $50,000

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What is the salary for a pro soccer player?

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The average salary for a MLB player in 2007 was just under $3 million.

What was the average salary for a baseball player in 2005?

the average salary for a pro baseball player in 2005 is $1 (one dollar)

How old do you have to be to a pro paintball player?

The legal insurance age to play paintball is 10, so theoretically a 10 year old, with enough skill could join a pro league. "Tyler Harmon was the youngest professional paintball player in history when he made his debut with the Oakland Assassins at the age of 14, in 2003."

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What is the average salary for a pro basket ball player?

10 bucks

What is the median salary of a professional baseball player?

The mean salary of professional baseball player is about $3.2 million per year. The current minimum salary in 2014 for a pro baseball player is $500,000.

What is the salary range for a major league paintball player?

Haha, "Major League". HAHAHA, "Salary"!!! Seriously, professional paintball players are lucky to break even on all their travel, gear, and living costs. There is no money in it, which is why paintball as an industry and as a sport needs to change if the players and businessmen want it to stick around.

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