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Tony Romo makes millions an millions of dollars every season. Tony Romo signed a six year contract with the Dallas Cowboys.

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Q: What is the salary of a Dallas Cowboys football player?
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What is the salary of the Dallas Cowboys?


What is the salary cap for Dallas Cowboys?

There is no salary cap for National Football League teams until the collective bargaining agreement talks are settled.

What is Rob Ryan's of the Dallas Cowboys salary?


What is the Dallas Cowboys practice squad salary scale?

In the 2008 season, the minimum salary of a practice squad player is $5,200 a week. A higher salary can be negotiated.

What is the salary for Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders?

thirty five thousand

Which team in the NFL has the highest paid cap salary?

The Dallas Cowboys

How many Super Bowls have the Dallas Cowboys won since the salary cap went into effect?

One. The National Football League introduced the salary cap in 1994. The Cowboys' last Super Bowl-winning season was 1995-1996.

What is the dallas cowboy cheerleader salary for away games?

The Cowboys Cheerleaders only perform at Dallas Cowboys home games. The only exception is when the Cowboys are a participant in the Super Bowl.

What is the yearly salary of Dallas cowboys general manager?

$77,000 to $100,000 a year

What was the average salary of an NFL football player in the 1950?

What was the average nfl football player salary in 1950?

What is a Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders salary?

According to a November 2010 piece posted on, the Cowboys Cheerleaders now receive $150 per game.

What is the salary of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are paid $50.00 per home game, and there are also opportunities for paid shows and appearances.

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