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£400k per year

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Q: What is the salary of England cricket players?
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All cricket players salary?

hi i wood like to know how much do Scotland players get in cricket

What are the England cricket players called?


How many England cricket team players were not born in England?


Who start the cricket?

English introduced cricket game. it was started in England. there are great English players in England team.

Who are the best-known cricket players from England?

Some of the best known cricket players in England are Kevin Pieterson, Andrew Strauss, Freddie Flintoff, Ian Bell.

Salary for soccer players in England championship?

what are socer players salaries in championship

Australian cricket players who were born in England?

Andrew Symonds

What sport do players play for ashes?

They play Cricket, mainly, "England vs. Australia".

What is the salary of a professional cricket player?

It is different for everyone.The Board of their country set the different groups & according to it Gives salary to a cricket player. In addition to players can make money in playing such tournaments like IPL ,Champions Trophy.

What is paul collingwood salary?

Paul Collingwood is a professional cricket player from England. His salary is not currently listed to the public. He currently plays for the Perth Scorchers.

When is the next cricket match between Wales and Australia?

Wales and Australia do not play each other at cricket, they play at rugby and occasionally football but not cricket. In cricket Australia play England although they do have Welsh players in the team sometimes. The next match will be in July 2013 in England.

List of all the Sikh players who played from England cricket team?

Monty Panesar and Ravi Bopara

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