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10,000 to 20,000

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Q: What is the salary in merchant navy starting as a deck cadet?
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What is salary of deck cadet in merchant navy on an oil tanker vessel?

20000 to 40000

What is the salary for deck cadet?

For a three-month stint aboard a merchant vessel of the United States, a deck or engineering cadet can expect to make approx. $3,500

What is the salary per month in merchant navy starting as a deck cadet?

A deck cadet could expect between £8000-£10000 during training plus tuition fees paid. Rising to £18000-£25000 when qualified depending on whether your an officer or rating.

Meaning of deck cadet in marchant navy?

what is the meaning of deck cadet in merchant navy

How many deck cadets are there in a ship?

if you mean a U.S.flag merchant ship, then one or two, mostly there ill be one deck cadet and one engine cadet

What is Deck Cadet?

the deck is the upper level of the vessel

Deck cadet exam questin?

Can you please provide more specific information or context about the deck cadet exam question?

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How much does a deck cadet earn in the beginning year?

1 million peso a month

If you are sailing as a deck cadet from India how much sea time is required by deck cadets in order to become a second mate?

no sailing is required