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The minimum salary for, in 2008, a professional Baseball player is $390,000.

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Q: What is the salary for professional baseball players?
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What is the average salary for a professional baseball player in 2007?

The average salary for professional baseball players is 3.2 million

What happens to a professional baseball players' salary when he is sent to the minors?

A baseball player's salary will not change from the Majors to the Minors if he has a Major League contract. There are minor league contracts for those players.

What is the average salary of basketball players?

The average salary of a professional basketball player is around 5.5 million dollars. This is two million more than baseball players make.

Is minor league baseball professional?

Yes. The players in the minor leagues are being paid a salary to play baseball. This, by definition, makes the minor leagues professional as the players are making, or trying to make, a livelihood from playing baseball.

What is the amount of money baseball players make a year?

The average professional Major League baseball player salary is $3,440,000 as of 2012.

How much money do baseball players make in a year?

The average professional Major League baseball player salary is $3,440,000 as of 2012.

What were the salaries of the first US professional baseball team?

The salaries for players on the Cincinnati Red Stockings, the first professional baseball team, ranged from $800 to $1400 per year. In 1869, this was a good salary.

Do youth football players have a salary?

No, only professional players get paid.

How many players are on a professional baseball team?

there is probably a set limit to how many players you can have but really it probably has to do with what the general manager and coaches want and what fits teir salary cap.

What is a professional guitar players salary?


Who is richer basketball players or soccer players?

In the United States, the average annual salary for professional basketball players is much higher than professional soccer players. The average annual salary in the NBA in 2020 was $7.7 million vs. the average salary in the MLS was $52,500. The highest 2020 NBA salary was $40.2 million vs. the highest 2020 MLS salary of $7.2 million.

What was the salary cap for professional football players in 2007?

Th salary of a professional football player in 2007 was 10,000-50,000 dollars.

Average salary of volleyball players?

The average salary for a professional volleyball player is $69,000.

What is the median salary of a professional baseball player?

The mean salary of professional baseball player is about $3.2 million per year. The current minimum salary in 2014 for a pro baseball player is $500,000.

Average salary for hockey players in the Southern professional league?


Average salary for a professional women's football player?

what is the average pay of professional women football players what is the average pay of professional women football players

What are salary of professional basketball players?

Way over $1,000,000

What are players who play baseball for money called?

Professional Baseball Players

What is the beginning salary for a professional billiards player?

Professional billiards players generally do not get a salary. However, they can earn up to $30,000 a year even as beginning professinals.

Do Youth Baseball Players have a salary?


What is the average salary for womens professional soccer players?


What is the beginning salary for playing basketball?

There is not a beginning salary for basketball players. The average salary for a person playing professional basketball is about $3,500,000 a year.

What is the average salary of professional lacrosse players?

the highest salary is 25K a year. the average is 14K a year. some players earn $400 bucks per game

Do Major League baseball players get paid more than any other US sport players?

In the United States, professional sports' salaries in NFL football, MLB baseball and NBA basketball can run into the $20 million per year range. Because baseball players can remain "star" players longer then star players in the two other major sports, there can be a greater tendency to see extremely high salary packages for star performers. As an example, the National League team, Miami Marlins just closed a $327 million, 13 year contract with a 25 year old player on their team. Without a doubt, such a longterm, and expensive salary contract will never be seen by a 25 year old basketball or football star in US professional sports. Each of the three major professional sports will have a certain number of extremely high salary deals. With that said, professional baseball players have a greater chance of having the lion's share of these multi million dollar deals.

Average salary of United Soccer Leagues 1 players?

The average salary of United Soccer Leagues 1 players is about $500,000 per year. For professional soccer players, they can make up to $800,000.