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The Spain is a well-known country in sports such as football, soccer and Basketball that every player received a higher salary. In the professional basketball of Spain a regular player paid as much as $100,000 and a popular player received over a million dollar.

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Q: What is the salary for a professional basketball player in Spain?
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What is the average professional soccer player's salary in Brazil?

In Brazil the salary is not as high as Italy or Spain.

What is the average salary for a basketball player in Spain japan and France?

About 5,000$ per month

Where is Kyle Hill the European basketball player?


Who is pau gasol?

Pau Gasol i Saez was born July 6, 1980 in Barcelona, Spain is a Spanish professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Was Kobe Bryant father a basketball player?

yes he played in Spain

Who is ricky rubio parents?

Rickey Rubio is a professional basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves. His parents are Esteve Rubio, father, and Tona Vives, mother. Ricky Rubio was born in Spain in 1990.

What is the average head chef salary in Spain?

head chef salary Spain

What is the average salary for a soccer player in Spain?

i hope it is alot because i am going to play there someday

Is Ricky Rubio Italian?

No, Ricky Rubio is not Italian. The point guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves of the National Basketball Association (NBA) maintains professional basketball careers in his native Spain and in the United States of America. He was born in El Masnou, Catalonia, Spain.

What is the average basketball salary in Spain?

The salary will be beyond $100000 just for the regular players. The more popular players can get over millions of dollars. I know this because my cousin plays overseas

How can an American NBA player play on Spain's Olympic basketball team?

By being Spaniard descent.

Average salary in Spain?

The average salary in Spain is 31,900 dollars. This country has one of the lowest average salaries in the rest of Europe.

What are some Spanish sports?

Soccer is very popular in Spain, professional Basketball less so. They also like hang gliding and flying ultralight aircraft.

What is Marc Gasol famous for?

Marc Gasol is a famous basketball player. Born Marc Gasol Saez in Spain, he has played basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers since 2007. He was named the NBA Defensive Player of the Year for the 2012/13 season.

What are Spain sports?

Far and away the most popular sport in Spain is soccer. They also have professional basketball, 2 Formula One racetracks, and a Spanish version of the Tour de France. Hang gliding and ultralight aircraft are also popular.

Is basketball player Pau Gasol circumcised?

He is from Spain where neonatal circumcision is extremely rare so unless he is Jewish, it is highly unlikely that he is cut.

Who is the most red carded player in professional football?

Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid and Spain. 16 and counting as of June 20, 2013.

Why is the National Basketball Association so popular in Spain?

The National Basketball Association was popular in Spain for many reasons. It represented unity and a common goal within the community for example.

What is Feliciano Lopez famous for?

Feliciano Lopez is a professional tennis player that was born in Toledo, Spain and now resides in Madrid, Spain. He is ranked 15th in world currently. He's the first male Spanish tennis player to reach the Wimbledon quarter-finals since 1972.

Who are the most famous Spain basketball players?

pau gasol

Does Spain have an football team?

Spain has many teams, but their best professional team is called "Real Madrid"

Who won the sliver medal in men's basketball 2008 Olympics?


How many goals has Mike Phillips born March 24 1956 done?

Mike Phillips who was on March 24, 1956 was a basketball player who found success playing in Spain. He scored 4,423 point in his basketball career averaging 23.2 per game.

What professional soldiers colonized the New World for Spain?


Professional soldiers who colonized the new world for Spain?