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The goaltender trap zone or "the trapezoid" is where the goaltender can safely play the puck. The areas in the corners are called the "no play zone" an if the goaltender plays the puck there it will result in a penalty.

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Q: What is the safe zone behind the Goal net?
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If the puck is in the attacking zone past the other teams goal net what dose this mean?

Nothing. It just means that the puck is behind the opposing team's net. There is space between the net and the boards unlike a soccer field.

What are the red lines behind the goalie net in hockey?

The zones on a official hockey rink are the defending zone (where players try to defend and protect their goal or net), the neutral zone (where is the center zone and players try to get the puck in the their opponent's defending zone which is also their attacking zone and where players get the puck out of their defending zone) and the attacking zone (where players try to get the puck in their opponent's goal or net).

What is the goal post net called?

The end zone on an American Football field is always 10 yards (9.1 m) long.

Can a player leave the field of play then come on behind the goal a put the ball in the net?

Providing the player is at no time offside, then yes.

What is soccer net?

The net at the end of the goal.

What is own goal?

where u score a goal in your net

Where was Wayne Gretzky's office on the ice?

Behind the goal. Gretzky was so skilled behind the net, especially with his wrap around goals, the area became widely known as 'Wayne Gretzky's Office'.

Which premiership club had painted fans behind net?

Arsenal erected boardings behind one goal when Highbury was being redeveloped, the boardings were painted with fans, they even piped music from behind the boardings boarding boarding Arsenal

Who can shoot at the goal in net ball?

The Goal Shooter and Goal Attack can shoot.

When shooting for a goal and you missed a net is that considered a shot on goal?


What happens if the puck goes in the net while it is in the air?

If the entire puck crosses the goal line and goes into the net, then it is a goal.

Does lsu field goal have a net?