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The runner is also out and the ball is dead. All runners go back to previous bases.

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no, he is standing on the base

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Q: What is the ruling where the runner interferes with a fielder trying to catch an Infield Fly Rule Pop-up?
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If a runner who was called out on the infield fly rule passes the runner on first is it a double play?

No, it is not. The batter is immediately out, and he can have no further affect on the play, unless he interferes with a fielder attempting to make a play or assists one of the runners on base.

If a ball ricochets off one defensive player and another has the opportunity to make a play the runner shall be out only if they intentionally interfere with the second defensive player true or false?

It doesn't matter if the runner intentionally interferes with the 2nd fielder or not. If he interferes with him in any way, shape or form that prevents the fielder from making a play that could possibly record an out then the runner will be called out by default no matter what.

If a player is in the line of the runner and the runner runs into the player are they out?

If the fielder has fielded a ball and has it in his possesion yes. If the fielder is in the path of the base and does not have the ball, the answer is no New answer: The fielder may enter the base path to field a BATTED ball and the runner must avoid contact whether the fielder has possession or not. The above answer is correct for a thrown ball only. (ie. the third baseman cannot position himself on the basepath while waiting for a throw from left field while the runner is advancing from 1st to 3rd on a hit.

Is the ball still in play if it hits a runner after it passes a fielder?

No. If a batted ball is touched by a defensive player before it touches a runner, the ball is live and the runner is not out. Also, if a batted ball passes a fielder that could make a play on the ball and touches a runner, the ball is live and the runner is not out. This situation is very rare and would only occur when the infield is playing in and are in front of the runner(s).

Does the fielder or runner have the right of way?

on a batted ball the fielder has the right of way if the fielder is in the basepath and the ball isn't near him the runner has the right of way

With runners on first and second how can a triple play occur without the fielder touching the ball and to which mlb team has this occured?

The batter hits a pop-fly making him out due to the infield fly rule. The runner on first passes the runner on second and the ball hits the runner on second. I dont know who it happened to.

How can a triple play occur without any fielder touching the ball after it leaves the pitcher's hand?

Runners on first and second. Batter pops it up and is out due to the infield fly rule. The runner on first passes the runner on second and is out. The remaining runner is hit by the pop fly. Unassisted triple play.

Is the runner out if the runner and fielder incidentally collide?

if the fielder is a) in the baseline, and b) doesn't have the ball, then no. If the runner goes out of the baseline to strike the fielder, he is out for leaving the baseline. If the fielder has the ball, and as a result of the collision he tags the runner, then runner is out. If the fielder has the ball and is trying to tag the runner, but the collision knocks the ball loose, then the runner is out if the umpire felt the contact was intentional, but it is a loose/live ball if the contact was accidental or otherwise part of the game.

After laying down a bunt the batter clearly runs on the infield grass and is not inside the first baseline Is this interference and will he be called out?

This is Interference, but whether the runner is called out depends on what happens. A throw to 1st base where the runner interferes with the play is certainly grounds for them to be called out. Also if the throw to 1st base hits the runner in fair territory, they should be called out for interference. The fielder should throw to 1st base as if the runner were following the rules and running in foul territory. If they choose not to and move to allow the throw to reach 1st base without hitting the runner reaches safely, the umpires are allowed to interpret the rules as though the runner is either out or safe.

A runner not touching the base and a fielder touches him with a glove and ball is?

The runner is out as long as the fielder you touches has the ball in his glove

When a ball is hit to the third-baseman and a runner on third base attempts to score is the runner allowed to cross the base line and run on the infield to block the throw from third base to home?

Basically, a runner may take any path he desires when running between bases (other than home to first). If he UNINTENTIONALLY interferes with a thrown ball, he is NOT out and the ball continues to be in play.On the other hand, a runner may never INTENTIONALLY interfere with a fielder trying to throw the ball -- if he does so, he is out. This includes running in such a way as to INTENTIONALLY interfere with a ball that is thrown to home.Note that a throw MUST be made -- if the fielder holds on to the ball, he can NOT claim he WOULD have thrown home but for the runner. Otherwise the fielder would just hold onto the ball and then claim interference.There is no exact rule on how to decide a base runner's intent -- it's entirely the umpire's judgement."If a thrown ball hits a runner while running the bases, the runner is not out unless the umpire judges that the runner intentionally interfered, obstructed, hindered or confused the defense attempting to make a play.""A fielder starts to throw and stops because a runner is in his way but no contact is made and no intentional acts are made by the runner to cause interference. This is not interference because the runner did not interfere with a play in progress"

Is it an error if the runner and fielder get tangled up and the foul fly ball is dropped by fielder?

No. The runner would be called for interference if, for some reason, he ran into the fielder.