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If it hit the batter the batter gets first and it's scored as a hit by pitch.

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2012-07-25 00:48:38
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Q: What is the ruling if a pitched ball bounces before it hits the batter in softball?
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What is the ruling if a pitched ball bounces before it hits a batter Is it a dead ball or live ball?

live ball

Softball rules can batter hit ball after it hits the ground?

no absolutely not it is an automatic strike If the ball is pitched and hits the ground before it gets to the batter and the batter then hits the ball it is a legal hit.

How many balls do you get pitched before you can walk in softball?

You can walk after four pitches.

In which game batter is allowed 3 strikes before he is out?

It is allowed in baseball and softball.

Is the batter out if the ball bounces off another player and it is caught before hitting the ground?

Depends. If the ball bounces of a defensive player, and is caught, the batter is out. If it hits a runner, the ball is dead and the runner is out but the hitter is awarded first base.

When is a walk in softball ordered?

When a batter gets 4 balls before she gets 3 strikes.

What is the ruling if a pitched ball bounces before it hits the batter - slide1?

When a pitch is made, at any time the pitch hits the batter, it is considered a base on balls (walk) unlessthe ball is in the strike zone (and hasn't touched the ground)the batter makes no attempt to move out of the wayIf the batter makes no attempt to move out of the way the pitch is just ruled a ball. But if it is ball 4, then the batter is awarded the walk.

What is it when a pitched ball bounces and the batter swings and hits it in fair territory and it is caught on a fly by a defensive player . Does it count as a fly ball or a ball that already bounced?

The bounce took place before the ball was hit so the ball is a fly ball.

What is a foul ball in softball?

A foul ball is a ball that is hit outside of the foul lines on the field. A ball that bounces in fair territory then goes into foul territory before it passes a base is considered a foul ball. A ball that bounces in fair territory and then bounces into foul territory after it passes a base if considered a fair ball.

The Pitcher throws towards home plate. the ball bounces in the dirt before home plate and it hits the batter is it a dead ball or hit batter?

It is a dead ball and the batter is awarded first base and is ruled a hit by pitch

What are the terms used in the softball game?

Out - When a runner or batter is out for one of many reasons.Safe - When a runner or batter is safe for one of many reasons.Base, Bag, Plate - All terms that refer to the 4 white corners of the softball diamond. 'Plate' specifically references home.Fly ball - When a batter hits the ball high in the air.Line Drive - When a batter hits the ball in a seemingly straight line.Grounder - When the batter hits the ball and it bounces on the ground before reaching a defensive player.Short-hop - When a batted ball bounces very close to a defensive player.Long-hop - When a batted ball bounces well before it reaches the defensive player.Turn 2 - When the defensive wants to try to turn a double play with 2st and second base.Cut - When a ball is hit to the outfield, a member of the infield lines themselves up with the intended base and yells cut so that the outfielder knows where to throw the ball.Obstruction - When a fielder blocks a bag or gets in the way of a base-runner without possession of the ball. Or when a runner runs into a defensie player making a play on the ball.

If a ball bounces before it crosses the plate and hits a batter is that a walk?

No it is a hits batsmen. The batter gets first base and the ball is ruled dead. Everyone who is forced moves up one base.

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