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The rule of the scorer is to keep check of the score.

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Q: What is the rule of scorer in badminton?
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What is the duty of the scorer in badminton?

kasi mahal ni aj si cedrick at mahal ni ate alyssa si julieanne :))

Why must you have a 2 point lead to win a badminton game?

No real explanation to the reason a team must have a 2 point lead.. But I guess it is the rule of the games. Every game of sports has its rules including badminton.

Is the service replayed in badminton?

DEFINATELY. The service is always replayed. Whether seen or unseen, its a rule of ancient china times.

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What are the importance of badminton equipment?

Badminton Racket Shuttlecock Badminton String Badminton Shoes Badminton Accessory by :marco galgana ^^

What happens if a baseball game doesn't have a official scorer?

The home team scorer becomes the official scorer

What is 'badminton' when translated from English to Italian?

"Badminton" in English is badminton in Italian.

What is the meaning of seed in badminton?

A seed in badminton means a badminton player .

What do you call a hockey scorer?

You call a hockey scorer a Sniper

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