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The player who is fouled shoots one free throw and then whoever gets the rebound gets possession or if the shot is made Team B gets the ball.

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Q: What is the rule and who gets possession when a player on Team B commits an off the ball foul against the non shooter on Team A while a shot is up in the air and the shot is a made basket?
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What happens when a shooter is fouled while shooting at the wrong basket?

gets shot by a penis

Is hitting the hand of a shooter a foul in basketball?

Yes. It is called a 'block' and will result in 2 foul shots for the shooter. If the shooter makes the shot but also gets fouled, the basket counts as 2 points and the shooter gets 1 foul shot opportunity.

What is the free throws on an intentional foul when the shooter makes the basket?

2 free throws, just saw it in the Syracuse Pitt game.

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Why do basketball players rush the basket after every foul shot...Doesn't the other team get possession regardless?

Not at all. If the shot is missed it's anyones ball.

Was there ever a jump ball after each score?

In the early days of basketball teams used a jump ball to determine possession after each scored basket. This rule was changed in the 1930s to the current method of the defending team taking possession and throwing the ball in bounds after a score.

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How do you defend a shooter in basketball?

Stay between him and the basket at all times. Keep some distance. If he STOPS dribbling then get in his face because he either has to shoot or pass to prevent double dribbling or traveling. Arms out and/or up all the time as well.