What is the rough in golf?

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Rough is the area beside the fairway where playing a ball is difficult.

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Q: What is the rough in golf?
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What is the homophone for rough and place for golf?

Coarse would be the homophone for rough, while golf is played on a course.

What is the homophone for a rough golf course?


What is place of golf to play golf homophone to rough?

course, coarse

Madame tangs golf loving grandson is in the rough?

play golf pls

What is the homophone for rough and a place for golf?

coarse and course

What is the homophone that means rough and place for golf?

coarse, course

What is the rough in a golf course?

area between fairway and out of boubds

What are the release dates for School of Golf - 2011 Chapter 17 Hitting Out of the Rough 1-17?

School of Golf - 2011 Chapter 17 Hitting Out of the Rough 1-17 was released on: USA: 7 June 2011

What do you call the sides of the fairway in golf?

It is called the rough. However if there is differing lengths of rough the one closest to the fairway is called the 'first cut'.

What are Rescue golf clubs?

Irons or woods used to hit the ball out of the rough. I think, Adams Golf came up with the name Rescue irons.

Is rough how you spell a dog that is barking?

No. The word "rough" means coarse, not smooth, or areas off the fairway in golf. The imitative spelling for a bark by a dog is "ruff ruff" (similar to "woof woof").

Is there any rough on a par 3 hole in golf?

Yes there is rough on par 3's there is more rough than fairway on a par 3. Some Par 3's have a fringe around the green and then an apron, but the rest would be rough.

What is a common area on a golf course?

Tees, greens, faiways, bunkers, rough etc.

What are the winter rules in golf?

The winter rules of golf are very simple. Most golf courses play preferred lies through the green, this is where you can pick up your ball, clean it and replace it within six inches of its' original position, no nearer the hole. In the winter you also get relief from area which have been affected by the golf course machinery. Some golf clubs play preferred lies in the fairway and then lift clean and drop in the rough, and others only play relief from a plugged ball in the rough.

Why are there 3 golf balls in a sleeve?

Not much of a golfer here, but I am guessing that before eighteen holes are played, one golf ball will be underwater, and another will disappear in the rough.

What is a rough golfing area?

The rough is the area on the golf course either side of the fairway around the greens and tee boxes where the grass is slightly and sometimes a lot longer.

In golf what is the name given to the grassed area between the tee and the green?

Fairway, but also rough.

Why does my 1995 vw golf run rough i also have to crank it over a while to get it to start?

because it is a vw

What is a deep rough in golf?

There are several types of "cuts" in golf, referring to the length of grass. The fairway is the shortest grass (other than the green), which is followed by the "first cut" of rough, usually a boundary around the fairway. The second cut of rough is next, and typically refers to the "standard" rough. The "deep rough" can either mean a particularly long cut of "second cut" rough, or could mean thick, overgrown, un-mowed grass or weeds further from the fairway than the second cut. However, there is no "official" definition.

Is rough a noun?

Yes, the word 'rough' is a verb, an adjective and a noun.The noun 'rough' is a word for the section of difficult terrain of a golf course.Example: My ball went into the rough.The noun form for the adjective rough is roughness.Example: Kindness will get you more than roughness.The noun form of the verb to rough is the gerund, roughing.Example: Roughing in the woods is not my idea of a vacation.

Part of a golf course off the fairway?

It's called the "rough". The grass is usually much higher and thicker in these areas.

What golf club do we use in the rough?

Depending on how the ball is sitting you can use any club. The problem with rough is that it has a tendancy to grap the face of the club in the downswing and closing so you get no elevation when you hit the ball, and sometimes the ball barely gets out of the rough. In very thick rough you are best taking a wedge and just advance the ball down the fairway as far as you can.

What is a green keeper?

A green keeper in golf terms is simply someone who maintains a golf course. They cut the fairways, greens and rough. They also maintain the bunkers, and keep the greens in good condition with the use of hollow tining etc.

What golf club do you use in the rough?

you can use any club, but as a dedicated golfer the better clubs to hit out of roughs are irons, wedges,and hybrids.

Golf club used in the rough?

On regular rough, some will use a recovery wood, which are usually equal to a low iron loft wise, but the extra strength of a recovery can help to get out of rough and keep a good amount of distance. With heavier rough, sometimes you'll need to go up to a high based iron, maybe a PW or a SW, if it's overly thick.