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Q: What is the roster for the 1985 Iowa Hawkeyes football team?
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When was Iowa Hawkeyes football created?

Iowa Hawkeyes football was created in 1889.

Who was on the 1996 Iowa Hawkeyes football roster?

To find the 1996 Iowa Hawkeye football roster, see this site:

Who was on the roster of the 1991 Iowa Hawkeyes?

the R stands for Riddell

Where do the Hawkeyes football team play?

The Hawkeyes football team plays for the University of Iowa. The University of Iowa is located in Iowa City, IA. The football team's home field is Kinnick Stadium.

Who won the Iowa State Cyclones vs Iowa Hawkeyes football game in 2010?

Iowa Hawkeyes...I think...& hope

Who was on the roster of the 1960 Iowa Hawkeyes?

alan fischer ...

What university hosts the Iowa Hawkeyes football team?

The Iowa Hawkeyes football team is at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa. The team coach is Kirk Ferentz. The team play their home games at Kinnick Stadium.

What is the Iowa football teams name?


Are there any sporting teams from Iowa?

they have the Iowa Hawkeyes for football and basketball.

Who beat the Iowa Hawkeyes in 1985?

Ohio State.

What is Iowa's famous football team?

Iowa Hawkeyes and the Iowa State Cyclones are the two big names...

Who was on the Iowa Hawkeyes 1990 men's basketball team?

90 - 91 hawkeye basketball roster

What professional team does former Iowa hawkeyes qb brad banks play for?

Brad Banks is a quarterback on the roster for the Iowa Barnstormers.

Where does Iowa hawkeyes football team rank in the last ten years?

Iowa ranks #1

Who won the Iowa State Cyclones vs Iowa Hawkeyes football game in 2007?

Iowa State won 15-13. :)

Twins who played Iowa Hawkeyes football?

Shaun & Shane Prater

Have the Iowa Hawkeyes ever played Oregon in football?

Yes. October 29,01949

Who wore number 47 Iowa hawkeyes football jersey?

nile kinnik

How did Iowa get its nickname the hawkeye state?

the state's nickname is hawkeye state because the football team is Iowa hawkeyes.

Where could one find a copy of the Iowa footballl Schedule?

A copy of the Iowa footbal schedule can be found on the official site of the Iowa Hawkeyes football team. A hard copy should also be available at the Hawkeyes boxoffice.

What is Iowa Hawkeyes worst loss ever in football?

Any loss to Iowa State is arguably the worst loss ever.

Who is the all time leading rusher for Iowa hawkeyes football team?

Sedrick Shaw

Who did the Iowa Hawkeyes lose to in the 1985 regular season?

The Hawkeyes went 10-1 in the 1985 regular season losing only to Ohio State, 22-13, in Columbus on November 2.

Iowa sport teams?

Iowa Hawkeyes (college) Iowa State Cyclones (college) Northern Iowa Panthers (college) Iowa barnstormers Arena leaague football, Iowa stars AHL hockey

Who wore number 88 Iowa hawkeyes football jersey?

Clinton Solomon from 2002-2006