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GS= goal shooter

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Q: What is the role of the scorer in netball?
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What is the scorer's job in netball?

Well the goal scorer's job is in the name, to score goals for their team

What are the responsibilities of a scorer in netball?

there responsibility is to ensure that the team they are playing for wins

What is role of a scorer in netball?

Well their job is to get the ball into the hoop, kinda like basketball but without moving, and score points for their team(one point per goal).

Who are the officials of a netball game?

The Coach, Umpire, Time keeper, Scorer. I think that is all.

Is there a judge in netball?

Yes instead of a referee as in football it is called an umpire and a timekeeper plus scorer.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a scorekeeper in netball?

you need to be an honest scorer and not cheat against the other team

Who scores in netball?

It depends the standard, if it is a bigh standard game then there is a scorer, if it is just a local league then the umpire does it.

What is the role of the scorekeeper in netball?

To score

What is the role of the scorer in basketball?

The role of a scorer, (or shooter) is to shoot the ball at a high percentage. The scorer is usually the best shooter on the team. The shooter (or shooting guard) usually has the most points per game.

What is the role of a timekeeper in netball?

they keep the time

What is the role of the timekeeper in netball?

The role of a timekeeper in a netball game is very important . A timekeeper tells when the match is to stop and to give extra time .P.S : Follow me on tumblr

What does a scorer do in netball?

scorer - (Goal Shooter - GS) hold space in semi cirlce and shoot to score goal or ( Goal Attack - GA) same as above but helps in centre court and feeds the GS the ball x

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