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The role of coach in a Netball team is to create better players and teams. They are in charge of everything from establishing training and training times to keeping players up-to-date on any netball-related news or games in their area.

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Q: What is the role of the coach in a netball team?
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What is the role of a coach in a netball team?

To teach the players skills and give them tips

What are the roles and responsibilities of a coach in netball?

A netball coach is responsible for training the team.

What is a role of a coach in a netball team?

The role of a coach is to prepare their team for the matches ahead. To train the team so the players can fulfill their full potential and be the best player they can be. Also the coach's role is to give feedback on how the players have played individually and as a team and to make the necessary changes to the team to win the match.

What does the coach do in netball?

Coaches the team :-)

Who is the coach of the NZ netball team?

Ruth aitken

What is the role of the coaches in netball?

The job of the coach is to be the umpire. The umpire basically makes decisions like what team gets the ball and when a ball is out.

Who's responsibility is to select a netball team Coach or Captain?

The coach is responsible for selecting the team and choosing the captain.

What does a role model coach do?

Coach the team and at the same time be a role model and inspire the team.

What is the role of a coach?

The role of a coach is to teach a team or group of people.

In netball what is a coach for?

They are just like any other coach for a team..... they work through skills gamesetc with the players.........

What does a netball coach do?

Teaches netball

What is the roles and responsibilities of a coach in netball?

In netball, a coach has a number of responsibilities with the main ones being inspiring the team and coming up with strategies for winning. The coach also chooses the players to start and those to substitute in games.

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