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The coach chooses who will play which position for each game and how the team will play together as well as being responsible for training programmes (fitness, skills, practising as a team).

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Q: What is the role of the coach in a hockey team?
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Who is the coach of hockey?

there is no coach of hockey. its a sport therefore there are different teams involved. a coach is responsible for training and coaching a certain team in the sport.

Who is the head coach for Indian hockey team?

Jose Brasa is the Chief Coach.

What is the role of a coach?

The role of a coach is to teach a team or group of people.

Who is coach of Indian hockey team?

José Brasa

Who is the coach of Indian men hockey team?

Michael Nobbs

Coach of India men hockey team?

Kaushik Kaushik

Who is team US 's hockey coach?

Ron Wilson

Who is the current coach of Indian hockey team?

Danraj pelle

Who is the present coach of Indian Hockey Team?

michael nobbs

Who is the coach of the New Jersey Devils?

The New jersey Devils are a professional hockey team playing in the national Hockey League, or NHL. The team's current coach as of this writing is Peter DeBoer.

Was Tom Madden a coach for the Swedish National Hockey Team Any type of coach?


What Olympic Team did Wayne Gretzky Coach?

He didn't coach any team. He was the general manager of sorts and assembled both the 2002 Olympic Canadian men's ice hockey team and the 2006 Olympic Canadian men's ice hockey team.