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Offensively, the center runs the low-post offense, which is mostly going from the post position (in the key) from one side to the other. Defensively, it is often the center's job to plug the lane from anyone trying to go inside uncontested. This also involves trying to block out the post players/centers of the other team from getting easy inside lay-ups or, off-the-ball, from getting easy rebounds.

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Q: What is the role of the center position in basketball?
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What is the guard position on the basketball court?


What is usually the tallest player's position on a basketball team?

Center position.

In basketball the center position is also numbered as what number?

They play the '5' position.

What position does the tallest person play in basketball?


What basketball position is Shaquille O'Neal?

center ahha

What does c in basketball mean?

center (a player position)

What position did hakeem olajuwon play in basketball?


What basketball position does Kevin ware play?


What basketball position did Wilt Chamberlain played on?

He played Center.

What position does the tallest player on a basketball team play?


What was Lisa Leslie position in basketball?

Power forward/Center

What position should you play if you are 5 foot 8 in basketball?


What position is CF is basketball?

center/forward - it stands for two positions

What position does the tallest player in basketball play?


Why is the center in basketball always the tallest position on the court?

At the Center Court position, the tallest player has the best advantage to score points, and rebound, due to their height.

What does the tallest member of basketball team play?

Normally they play the center position.

What position does Shaquille O'Neal O'Neal play on the basketball team?

Power Forward / Center.

Which position has the role to pass the ball to the center in volleyball?

back row does

What is would be the best position on a basketball team for a person who 6' 1?

I would say center.

How tall do you have to be to be on the basketball?

Depends on what position. A guard is shorter than a forward who is shorter than a center.

Who is traditionally the tallest player on the basketball court?

Traditionally the Center position is played by the tallest player.

What are the defensive position in basketball?

Point Guard Shooting Guard Small forward Power Forward Center

Im 5foot 2 and in the fifth grade what position should you play in basketball?

Center or Power Forward

What is the position of the tallest person in the basketball team?

usually center but sometimes forward depending on playing style

An offensive position in basketball?

Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, Center