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Sports commentators offer observations of what is happening during a sporting event. They often will interject anecdotes and accounts from their own history into more mundane moments, depending on what sport they are covering.

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Q: What is the role of sports commentators?
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What is the salary of an NFL sports commentator?

NFL sports commentators are paid very well. The average salary is $1 million per season. Top NFL sports commentators can make up to $5 million a season.

Why do sports commentators sit so close?

So to communicate easily!

What is a sports cast?

a sportscast is when commentators either air on television or on the radio.

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Why don't the tennis commentators shutup for 5 minutes?

The role of a commentator is to give their comments. If they shut up they would not be commentators! Simple! And, if it bothers you, mute your set.

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How has Fox Sports changed sports commenting in general?

Fox Sports have changed sport commenting in many different ways. The Fox Sports commentators have better sound and can commentate better with better skills at it.

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What training is required to become a sports commentator?

Most commentators have been jurnalists and or have played in the sport and been asked to comment (pundit).

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