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so that you dont slip and fall

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Q: What is the role of friction in badminton?
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What is the role of friction?

The role of Friction in Badminton is that it decreases the speed of the coming shuttlecock and allows the player to hit it, it increases the drag of the air to the shuttle. You can also see some shuttles have aerodynamic designs to reduce drag . Also friction plays an important role in Movement, In badminton we generally use Non-Marking Soles of shoes since it gives good grip and increases friction.

What role does friction play in badminton?

The friction between the shoes of the player and the court. The fluid friction between the shuttlecock (bird or birdie) and air present in the atmosphere will help us to play the game.

Does badminton have sliding friction?

yes, because it has kinetic friction which make it slide.

What is the role of score keeper in badminton?

To keep score.

What is the friction of cricket?

role of friction in cricket game

Role of friction in cricket?

friction plays a key role in crickcket.It is friction of ground which makes the ball to spin,bounce etc

What is the role of a team manager in Badminton sport?

to make the game fair

What is the role of a linesjudge in badminton?

The role of a lines judge in badminton is to help players call ins or outs and sometimes keep scores for them as well. They also call illegal serves and double hits

What role does friction play in the sport?

It is only because of friction that we can walk or run.

Role of friction in daily life?

well the best way to express the role of friction is that it helps us in walking and holding things.

What is the role of physics in our lives?

we can learn about friction

Describe how gravity inertia and friction play a role in throwing a ball?

Describe how gravity inertia and friction play a role in throwing a ball

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