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Concrete or asphalt depending on the track.

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Some tracks are made of asphalt and some are concrete.

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Q: What is the road made of on race tracks?
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What are car race tracks made of?

These days, race tracks are paved with asphalt. This was not always the case, as each race track was unique. Gradually, all tracks were upgraded to a high grade asphalt designed for car racing.

Are there different race tracks in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing?

Yes. i have it on my ps3 but i only have one-- rampart road.

On club penguin how many sled race tracks is there?

4 sled race tracks

When was Alroy Road Tracks created?

Alroy Road Tracks was created in 1995.

Can you go on the motorway with a formula one car?

No. Formula One cars are specialized machines that are designed to run only in race tracks. They are not built like normal road cars and are not designed to last long like a road car. F1 cars require special race tracks to run them. Most importantly even if someone can afford to buy a F1 car he would need a super license to drive it and that license is granted only to drive them in race tracks.

Where can you find racing tracks?

Probably near race tracks

Car is to road as train is to?

Train tracks

Why are Viruses are capable of multiplying in a host cell?

Because rail road tracks are made of steel

How many race tracks are there in Germany?

There are eight race tracks in Germany. These race tracks include EuroSpeedway Lausitz, Hockenheimring, Hockenheimring Short track, Nurburgring, Oschersleben, Porsche Leipzig, Sachsenring, and STC Speedwaldring Training Center.

Where are there race car tracks?

There are tracks all over the world that have auto racing.

Why speed are so important in race car tracks?

To win the race.

What information is included on Race Home?

Race Home includes information about race tracks and machine shops. It provides links to many race tracks across the U.S. In addition, it has pictures and videos of different cars.