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of course

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Q: What is the right expression off course or of course?
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Can an algebraic expression be solved for the variable?

Of course! that is the objective of the algebraic expression, isn't it?

Do you say Of course or of coarse?

The correct phrase to use is "Of course." "Of coarse" is not a standard English expression.

What does the expression off the back mean Or is it off the bat?

I always thought it was a baseball term. Right off the bat means actions happen right away on contact. Runners are in motion, right off the bat. It can be applied as well to anything as soon as one action is completed, a chain of events occur too.

If an airplane is 1 degree off course how many miles with they fly before they are 1 mile off course?

Did you know that if you are off course by just one degree then for every mile that you travel you get 92 feet further away from the right heading.

Whats the right expression repent for or repent of?

The correct expression is Repent of.

French expression meaning to the right?

(on the) right, straight

Is Freedom of Expression a Right or a Responsibility?

a right

What does left and right expression mean?

The expression left and right means everywhere without any plan or pattern. Another definition of this expression means on both sides, on all sides and everywhere.

What is the slope of the line with equation y equals -6x?

m = - 6, of course. Read it right off the function.

Course de voiture?

Expression in French meaning 'car race'.

What is a log graph?

A graph that shows the plotted course of a logarithmic expression.

How do you spell of COARSE?

The idiomatic expression is spelled "of course" (certainly, undoubtedly).