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Q: What is the ricky ponting's religion?
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What is Ricky Pontings middle name?

Ricky Thomas Ponting

Who made ricky pontings cricket bat?


When is ricky pontings birthday?

Ricky Ponting was born on December 19, 1974, in Launceston, Tasmania.

What religion is ricky ponting?

Apparently he doesnt have an religion :)

What religion is ricky norwood?

This is unknown.

Are dogs allowed in pontings?

You mean paintings? sure.

What is Ricky rubio's religion?

Roman Catholic

What religion is ricky martin?

Roman Catholic. Because he is a Spaniard.

What is pontings average?

Ponting's batting averages are as followes:----- Test: 58.37 ODIs: 43.25 20-20: 39.37

What is Ogie Alcasid's Religion?

his wife regine confirmed it in startalk interview with ricky lo that ogie is a christian!

What is Piers Morgan's religion?

Piers Morgan has said he is religious as a Christain. This was said on his interview with athiest, Ricky Gervais

What are the major religions that are practiced in Egypt?

They practiced a religion called Big Meech Larry hooverism. Ricky Ross was the King

What religion is Ricky Gervais?

Ricky Gervais is a firm Atheist. He believes - as he says in one of his popular Podcasts - in the laws and logic of the universe and so entirely rejects any form of statement suggesting something that is outside of science.

What nicknames does Ricky Soto go by?

Ricky Soto goes by Ricky.

What nicknames does Ricky Estrada go by?

Ricky Estrada goes by Ricky.

What nicknames does Ricky Montaner go by?

Ricky Montaner goes by Ricky.

Who is ricky-fatboy?


What nicknames does Ricky Dominguez go by?

Ricky Dominguez goes by Ricky, and Richie.

What nicknames does Ricky Tursi go by?

Ricky Tursi goes by Ricky Tursi.

What nicknames does Ricky Wayne go by?

Ricky Wayne goes by Ricky Wayne.

Was little Ricky the true child of Lucy and Desee arnes?

Little Ricky on the show..NO But they did have a son named little Ricky. his name isn't "little ricky" it is ricky teehee

How old is ricky in Eastenders?

ricky is 36

Who is Ricky and Amy?

Amy And Ricky Is People

Who did Ricky Martin Marry?

Ricky Martin married to Jwan Yosef in 2017

What is the birth name of Ricky Cordell?

Ricky Cordell's birth name is Ricky Gray Cordell.