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Other than quarterback, Tight End is the toughest position on the offense to play. The TE must be a versatile player. He must be a good run blocker, since the side of the line on which he lines up is considered the "strong" side, where most rushing plays are designed to go. He must also be a good pass blocker, because the TE, although eligible to receive passes, frequently stays back to assist the offensive line in protecting the QB. And as an eligible receiver, he must have good agility and hands, since he often goes down field or runs pass patterns into the flats to catch passes. For many teams, the TE is the go-to receiver in the red zone (inside the 20-yard line), when the chance to score a touchdown is greatest. A tight end is a pass receiver who usually positions himself next to one of the offensive tackles on the line of scrimmage. Where as the other two receivers, the split end and flanker, are swift and agile, a tight end is large and strong. The tight end will help the offensive line in run blocking in the center of the field. Tight ends generally run short pass routes in the middle of the field or to the flanks.

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Q: What is the responsibility of the tight end in football?
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