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There is no set win-loss record to make the playoffs. The record needed is the best win-loss record that wins your team their division, or one of the two best records for wild car playoff spots. Teams with 11-5 records have missed the playoffs while in 2010 the Seahawks became the first team with a losing record (7-9) to win their division and then win a playoff game.

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Q: What is the required win-lose record to get into the NFL playoffs?
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Who has the record for most passing yards in the NFL playoffs?

Brett Favre

What NFL team has the record for the most consecutive years to playoffs?


How are the NFL seeds chosen?

In the playoffs, it's based off of the team's record

What team in the NFL had the best record?

The 1972 Miami Dolphins posted a 17-0 record (regular season and playoffs).

What NFL team holds the longest current record for going to the playoffs?

the New England Patriots

What NFL team made playoffs with worse record in 14 game season?

Seattle Seahawks

When was NFL Cheerleader Playoffs created?

NFL Cheerleader Playoffs was created in 2006.

What 12-4 NFL teams have missed the playoffs?

No NFL team has missed the playoffs with a 12-4 record or better; however, the San Francisco 49ers missed the playoffs at 12-2 in 1948, when they were a member of the AAFC. The Baltimore Colts in 1967 missed the playoffs at 11-1-2.

What is the required weight for an NFL player?

There is no required weight in the NFL. The smallest player I can find record of for this season is 178 pounds.

Can an NFL team win all their division games and still not make the playoffs?

A team could miss the playoffs after winning all their divisional games. Playoffs are decided by record first. If two teams have the same record the tie- breaker is based off their divisional record. After that it goes to conference record and then points allowed.

Has any nfl team went to the playoffs with a 7-9 record?

No - there have been plenty of teams with 8-8 records in the playoffs, but no team with a losing record has yet made it in.Update:On 1-2-11, the Seattle Seahawks became the first 7-9 team in NFL history to win their division and make the playoffs.

Can NFL team have a losing record and make the playoff?

Yes. Six teams from each conference make the playoffs, the four division winners and the two teams with the best won/loss record that did not win their division. If a division winner's record is less than .500 they still make the playoffs. If the record of one of the two teams with the best record that did not win their division is less than .500, they still make the playoffs. Only three teams with losing records have ever made the NFL playoffs: The Browns and Lions both entered the 1982 playoffs with 4-5 records. (The season was shortened by a players' strike.) In 2010 the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC West with a 7-9 record, becoming the first NFL team to make the playoffs with a losing record in a full season.

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