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There is no required weight in the NFL. The smallest player I can find record of for this season is 178 pounds.

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Q: What is the required weight for an NFL player?
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What is the average hours NFL players work?

what are the hours that are required to work to be a NFL player?

Is there a max weight for an NFL player?

It depends on the position.

What is the education or training required for a NFL football player?


Which NFL player can squat the most weight?

Tom Brady

What is the required height and weight for a NFL lineman?

there is no requirement but the average is about 6'7...300 lbs...

How much does an average NFL football player weigh?

The average weight of an NFL player is about 248 pounds. It has been reported that the average weight has increased by 10 percent since 1985.

What is the average weight that a NFL player should bench press?


How many years in college does it take to be a NFL football player?

While many NFL players are drafted from college, a college degree (while beneficial) is not required. What is required is talent and someone (scout) from the NFL to notice that talent.

Are NFL players required to attend college?

NFL players are not required to attend college. Still, it is quite difficult for a football player to gain the skills necessary to play in the NFL without playing college football. Still, a few European soccer players have been kickers in the NFL.

Average weight of CFL player?

The average height and weight of a CFL player is 6 feet 1-inch tall and 228 pounds. The average height and weight of a player in the NFL is 6 feet 1.5 inches and 245 pounds.

What is the average weight of a NFL receiver?

the average weight of an NFL receiver is 194

What is the minimum salary fo an NFL practice squad player for 2008?

All NFL employees are required by contract to make at least $300,00 USD a year.

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