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Q: What is the registration code for FIFA soccer 2008?
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What is the registration code for FIFA 09 PC game?


How do you start PC game of fifa 09 after installation as it is asking for registration code?

You enter your registration code. If you have lost yours you should contact the manufacturer.

What is the reg code for FIFA 2008?

The reg code for FIFA 2008 is DQZH S8RG RND9 FZN8 YGLP. The reg code has been tested and verified.

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Registration code UEFA euro 2008 PC?

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90124884004239 hope it helped

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yes please

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Ich brauche bitte den uefa 2008 code danke erst mal mfgich brauche den zweiten code von uefa 2008.

Registration code for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 PC?

dfghhgfjyfhjk ty tykj yk ryjry jyt jy jk

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You will not find one free dick head ! go buy the game ...

How do you get registration code to install fifa manager 10?

The game should have come with a serial/cd-key/registration code. This is usually a long string of numbers and/or letters, and is often located on the CD-case, or within the game manual. If it was missing from your copy of the game, I suggest you call the Electronic Arts helpline.

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FIFA code for Uruguay is URU.

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The registration code for ragdoll master is:44542636

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