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It is called the Quaffle.

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Q: What is the red ball called in Quidditch?
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Which ball in Quidditch has two tiny wings?

The Snitch

What is the largest ball used in Quidditch?

The largest ball used in Quidditch is the quaffle. We know this because in the first book, chapter ten (Hallowe'en), it says in reference to the bludgers that they are smaller than the red quaffle. It also later says that the snitch is the size of a large walnut.

Which ball in Quidditch has two tiny silver wings?

The Snitch.

What is Harry's quidditch team called?

Harry plays Quidditch for Gryffindor, which is one of the Hogwarts houses.

What is the name of the the sport that Harry Potter plays?

It is Called Quidditch. It is played on brooms, and the main object to score as much as possible before the golden ball, snitch gets caught. More info can be found by Doing a search for "Quidditch"

Which quidditch ball do catchers throw through the hoops in Harry Potter?


Is there a red ball 4?

Yes,there is game called Red Ball 4,on ,,Not Doppler,,.It will come out 1st november.

What is the Gryffindor Quidditch robes color?

The Gryffindor colours are red and gold.

What are offensive players on a Quidditch team called?

The Chasers.

What is the name given to a shot in snooker where the cue ball hits a red ball which hits another red ball to make it go into a pocket?

It is called a plant

In the book Harry Potter and the Order of the phoenix what is a Quaffle?

It is a magical ball used in the game called Quidditch. See the link I will place below for more detailed information.

What is a quaffle?

In the world of the fictional books of Harry Potter, a quaffle is the ball used in the sport of Quidditch.

What does bludger means in the story of Harry Potter?

It's this ball that try's to hit the Quidditch players.

How many calories in red ball?

Maybe you meant Red Bull, because there is no food/drink called red ball. (: Anyway, if you did mean Red Bull, it has 110 calories per can.

What are all the players called in quidditch?

The seeker, the keeper, and the passers

What are the two balls called in Quidditch?

1.) The quaffle 2.) The bludger

What is the thing that is a red ball with a string that you put in your mouth so you cant talk?

That would be called a ball gag.

What special school events are in Harry Potter?

The Quidditch Tournament The Triwizard Tournament The Yule Ball Holiday feasts

What is the name of the quidditch magazine?

Quidditch Quidditch Quidditch. ATM the only online source for ordering is at their muggle email address, com.

What is the name of the game played by Harry Potter and his teammates on broomsticks?

It is called Quidditch.

What is the book Quidditch through the ages about?

its about the history of quidditch

What ball do beaters hit in Quidditch?

The beaters hit a ball call the bludger. The bludger is charmed so that it moves on its own and it is the beaters job to keep it away from their teammates.

How do you score at Harry Potter quidditch?

You score in Quidditch by throwing the red quaffle through one of the giant gold hoops that are about fifty feet off the ground on poles, protected by the keeper. x

You observed that a ball is red what type of property is the red ball?


How do you pronounce Quidditch?

Quidditch is pronounced 'kwidich' with short vowels.