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Q: What is the record standing vertical jump?
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Is a vertical jump different from a jump?

Yes, a regular jump can be performed while running, or standing still, and can propel you in any direction. A vertical jump is performed standing still, and propels you only straight up.

Who holds the men's world record in the standing jump?

Both the standing jump (straight vertical) and standing long jump have not been Olympic events since 1912, when they were discontinued. Ray Ewry held all the standing jump records, with his standing long jump record of 3.47 meters being most impressive until the sport was discontinued at the world level in 1938. There are rumours of 3.6 having been accomplished since, but since it is no longer a world class sport, they are difficult to verify.

Best vertical jump?

well world record high jump is 8 feet

What is the highest vertical jump plus arm reach?

The record for the highest standing vertical jump is held by Gerald Sensabaugh. His jump was 46 inches at the NFL Combine. The longest recorded armspan is held by basketball player, Manute Bol, with a span of 8 feet 6 inches. He has a reach of 10 feet 5 inches.

What is the record for highest vertical jump by a female?

I think it was Kelly Brook.

What is the world record for vertical jump?

61 inches held by Kadour Ziani

What is the standing broad jump record in feet?

6ft 5 inches

What was randy moss vertical jump?

Randy Moss is rumored to have a 51 inch verticle jump from a standing position, and a 53 inch verticle jump from a running start.

What is a vertical jump in volleyball?

A vertical jump is when you jump straight up in the air

How high was the highest vertical jump in the NBA?

chris paul jumps 1.10 meters! :D impressive, that's from standing! The new one is Vince Carter who can jump 58 inches standing

What was the world record in the standing triple jump in 1904?

World records were not kept for standing triple jump in 1904. The Olympic record was 10.58 meters held by Ray Ewry of the United States set at the 1900 Summer Games in Paris.

What NBA player holds the record for the highest vertical jump?

Casen Baker 54 inches

Who has the highest vertical jump for quarterbacks?

When Tebow did his in 2010 they said he either broke or tied the record for Quarterbacks.

What is the womens world record for the high jump?

Stefka Kostadinova of Bulgaria set the women's world record for the high jump in 1987 at a height of 2.09 meters (6 feet, 10 1/4 inches). It is the longest standing world record in the history of the high jump.

What is the current women's high jump record?

Stefka Kostadinova of Bulgaria set the women's world record for the high jump in 1987 at a height of 2.09 meters (6 feet, 10 1/4 inches). It is the longest-standing world record in the history of the high jump.

Who has the highest vertical in the NFL combine?

The NFL does not keep official records for the Combine. However, the unofficial record for the vertical leap was set by Gerald Sensabaugh, who leapt 46 inches on the vertical jump in 2005.

What is the longest standing olympic record?

As far as an Olympic Record, Bob Beamon's Long Jump of 8.90m is the longest standing having lasted 40 years. He set the record at the Mexico City Summer Games in 1968. It was the World Record until Mike Powell posted a jump of 8.95m at the 1991 World Championships in Tokyo but Beamon's record has still yet to topped in Olympic competition.

What are the aims of a standing long jump?

the aim of the standing long jump is to get the farthest distance from a standing position instead of taking a run before the jump.

What is the longest standing record in an Olympics?

The men's long jump - 8.90 meters set in 1968 at Mexico City.

How do you do a vertical jump lab report?

Vertical Jump is when they (scorers )measure you and then you jump as high as you can. The winner is the person who jumped the furthest.

What is the standing jump record for 11 year old girl?

probably 240cm (in provincials) but most girls who are 11 can only jump 2m or less

Who is kadour ziani?

Kadour Ziani is a professional dunker from Slam Nation who holds world's vertical jump record. (60 inches)

Do taller people have a bigger vertical jump?

Not always. Sometimes taller people will have a bigger vertical jump, but not always.

What is the record for standing long jump?

As far as I am aware it was a 3.71m jump by Arne Tvervaag ( The world record for the running long jump (as performed at the Olympic Games) is 8.95m by Mike Powell form the USA.

What is the difference between a standing long jump and a standing broad jump?

It's the same event.