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Q: What is the record of Oklahoma State vs Alabama in football?
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What is penn state football all time record vs Alabama football?

Penn State is 5 wins and 8 losses against Alabama.

What team has the best Defense in NCAA Football in 2009?

Alabama, Oklahoma & Ohio State

What radio station has Oklahoma state football?

the Oklahoma state football radio station

When was Oklahoma State Cowboys football created?

Oklahoma State Cowboys football was created in 1901.

What is the record between Oklahoma state university and uga in football?

Through the 2008 season, Oklahoma State and Georgia have met three times in football with Georgia winning all three games. 1) 1946 - Georgia 33, Oklahoma State 13 2) 1947 - Georgia 20, Oklahoma State 7 3) 2007 - Georgia 35, Oklahoma State 14

When was Alabama State Hornets football created?

Alabama State Hornets football was created in 1901.

When was the last time Alabama beat Oklahoma state?

Alabama has not beaten Oklahoma State. The teams have met only once, the 2006 Independence Bowl, with Oklahoma State winning 34-31.

Who has more wins all time Oklahoma or penn state?

Penn State has more wins all-time: All Time Football Record: 801-349-43 (.689) vs Oklahoma : All Time Football Record: 788-300-53 (.714) As you can see Penn State has won more games overall but Oklahoma has a better winning percentage.

What is the record for the Oklahoma and Oklahoma State football rivalry since it started?

Oklahoma leads the series 75-16-7 all time. As of the start of the 2007 season, Oklahoma leads 77-17-7.

What is alabama's state sport?


What colleges have the best football facilities?

Oklahoma, Florida, Ohio State, Texas, Texas A&M, Georgia, Penn State, Oregon, Nebraska, LSU, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida State

How many times has Mississippi State beaten Alabama in Football?

How many times has Mississippi State beaten Alabama in Football

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